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Since 2006, ICG has invited many Nobel Prize winners to work hard in a wide range of life sciences. The International Genomics Conference is a global academic exchange and cooperation in the life sciences sponsored by BGI meeting. In the end, ICG has developed into one of the most influential global academic forums in this field.

As a banner in the field of academic exchanges in global genomics, ICG has also been adhering to the tradition of BGI: advocating academic freedom, stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging young scholars, and making contributions to genomics and its applications.
This time, ICG-15 added an industrial investment forum, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial ecology, and industry-finance integration, bringing together hundreds of outstanding entrepreneurs, industry experts and senior investors. Development trends, sharing the latest achievements and application cases in the fields of life sciences, genomics, medical health, etc.; senior industry experts gave keynote speeches on the development trends of the precision medicine industry and the promotion of life sciences by the capital market. In the forum, a special roadshow was set up and more than 10 representatives of high-quality projects with outstanding performance in the life sciences and medical and health fields were specially invited to show their innovative achievements.


Breakthrough Capital, Medfine Capital, Pingan Ventures, IDG, Green Pine Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital, Softbank China Venture Capital, MatrixPartners China, Legend Capital, Legendstar, Tonghao Capital, YF Capital, Xiuzheng Capital, Share Capital, Highlight Capital, Puhua Capital, Sunland Fund, GTJA Investment Group, TAO Capital, Tendence Capital, Volcanics Venture, ANRICH CAPITAL ASIA LIMITED, HUAGAI Capital, Fortune Capital, Qiming Venture Partners...

1. In-depth exploration of innovative black technology in the field of life sciences globally, top-notch entrepreneurial projects and representatives, and pooling of global innovation resources;
2. Global industry leaders, experts and scholars, investment elites, innovative entrepreneurs, industry associations, service organizations, and medical organizations gather together for high-level dialogue and exchanges;
3. Gather the political circles (decision makers and regulators), academia (research institutes and industry organizations), industry (business stakeholders), medical (medical service institutions) and investment (financial investment institutions) Participate in the “Consultation Meeting”, “Diagnosis Meeting” and “Assessment Meeting” of antiques for entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises;

4. Gather top industry investors and VC/PE investors from China, the United States, Israel, Germany, Australia and other countries to sign investment intent agreements with participating projects, and the total amount is expected to reach tens of billions of dollars;


Oct.26, 14:00-Oct.27, 12:00


The Brussels room, Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley