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On December 6, 2014, the first Science Carnival initiated and organized by BGI and the Chinese Society of Genetics took place during the International Conference on Genomics (ICG) in Shenzhen to promote science popularization and exchanges. Since then, the Science Carnival has become an annual event during ICG and has been held for 6 consecutive years.

Adhering to the mission of facilitating popular science exchanges, advocating rational thinking, and highlighting the leading role of science and technology in innovative development, the Science Carnival has become one of the most influential popular science events to present various science stories and experiences. This year, we will follow the tradition by sharing the latest scientific progress, popularizing scientific knowledge, advocating social responsibilities and bioethics through a relaxed and public-acceptable way. 

Speakers are always one of the most attractive features of the Science Carnival. In the previous meetings, we have invited many prestigious figures in both academia and mass media, such as Zhonghe ZHOU, Member of CAS and Chairman of the Chinese Science Writers Association; Bolin HAO, a famous physicist and Member of CAS; Qun LIN, the famous mathematician and Member of CAS; Yusheng WANG, Member of the National Education Advisory Committee; Jinkang WANG, a famous writer who has won the Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award for Lifetime Achievement and is 15-times winner of the Galaxy Awards of the China Science Fiction Award; Yan WU, the founder of the World Chinese Science Fiction Association and a famous science fiction writer; Pengzhi LIU, Counselor of the State Council and the principal of the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China; the famous writer Tang FENG; the Carl Sagan Award winner Yongchun ZHENG, the famous science writer Mr. Pineapple and so on. 

In addition, to expand the scope of science popularization and cultivate the future generations of science, we also invite student representatives to attend the event, who always demonstrate the teenager power of positiveness, ideality, and responsibility.

Meanwhile, to encourage science fans who cannot attend in-person to participate, the Science Carnival invites mass media to broadcast the whole conference, such as People's Online, etc. In the live broadcast, the audience can not only watch the presentations, but also see the young volunteers composed of primary and middle school students interview speakers with their imaginative questions. The number of online views exceeded millions, which made the Science Carnival one of the most popular science events. 

2020, with the spirit of openness and innovation, the 6th annual meeting of Science Carnival will continuously undertake the obligation and mission of disseminating science, promoting knowledge, showing the charm of science, and gather talents from all over the world, including scientific researchers, business leaders, famous writers and policy makers to discuss the development of popular science, especially those issues related to global health.