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Hotel Reservation Instructions: 

The partner hotel of ICG-15 is Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley. If you need accommodation during the conference, please book the room through the official website. A favorable price is offered by booking in advance. The number of rooms is limited, please book as early as possible.

Click here to book rooms.


Accommodation standards

1. Standard room and lake view standard room provide breakfasts for two guests.

2. You need to pay the deposit when you check in, and it will be returned when you check out. If there are other hotel expenses, it will be deducted from the deposit.


Booking and Cancellation

1. Full payment is required to reserve the room.

2. 50% of the room charge will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled before September 30 (inclusive); The room charge is not refundable after October 1.

3. If you attend the meeting by yourself, one standard room and lake view standard room can be shared by two people.



1. If receipt is needed, please ask the hotel reception for it when you check out. It will not be provided after you leave the hotel.

2. Two receipts can be provided for each standard room and lake view standard room.

If you have any questions on payment or receipt, please email to